Air Charter

Chartering with Sea-SkyLogistics

Charter flights has become a unique solution for many customers especially in case of uncertainty; Sea and Sky Cargo drives many options which tailored to their customers starting from blocking space on dedicated routes, to operate charter flights to selective destinations.


A new face of international trade which rise from beginning of 2000’s and now represent 35% of international trade and growing up.
Handling such kind of shipments is very sensitive as the variety and its value different from customer to customer, meanwhile each customer
has its own demand, request.

General CGO

General cargo is represented 75% from all kinds of cargo which uplifted by air and usually this cargo is very sensitive due to its value just like electronics, mobile phones, laptops and accessories or due to its arrangements in time which mostly engaged with time frame of contracts .
Mostly these cargos need quick move and fast connection to its markets to avoid any loss in their original estimates.

AVI shipments

That kind of shipments is the most sensitive cargo,
and need effective planning to be transported as any mistake will affect the whole shipment partially or totally as well.
Temperature control aircrafts has been facilitating this job especially in case of transporting livestock, live birds and live bees.
All the above has been experienced by our team to/from many destinations


Many items fall into this category not only fruits & vegetables , but also all many kinds of medicines which need variance temperature degrees as per their manufacture’s specifications.
Mostly of these packages accompanying by tilt watches, and temperatures sensors whole over the shipping trip.

Special Projects

This kind of cargo may be rise rarely as per special requests of their customers like military cargo , national projects in water, electricity……….,
armed Cars; rescue cargo and humanitarian Aids.

Valuable Cargo

We have the ability to handle all requests of Valuable Cargo wherever the place is.
And for sure have the needful partnership with many security & insurance companies.

DGR Cargo

Usually, this type of cargo needs special arrangements in all shipping processes to ensure safety in the first place then in time arrival according to the shipping contract.
Our DGR Experts are there around the clock to confirm the quality standards for such kind of Cargo; meanwhile doing all necessary steps to transport this cargo to its final destination effectively.

No Matter where or when; We everywhere for you